April 30th,1974, first day of filming on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Tuesday, April 30, Ballachulish

First day of filming. Woken at 6:45. Sunshine streaming through the curtains. Into chain mail and red-cross tabard. A difficult day today - the Bridge of Death scene where Eric and I die and Lancelot is arrested by the police. Dangerous too - from what I hear. Difficult decision over Galahad’s blond wig. Instead of noble and youthful, I look like I should be serving in a supermarket. End of Galahad as a blond.

…Camera broke midway through first shot.

- Michael Palin’s Diaries:1969-1979

Thursday, April 3rd

Today our second film opens in London. An encouragingly good notice in The Guardian this morning. Even though they exhorted the team to stay together, they couldn’t remember our names: ‘Cleese, Idle, Chapman, Graham and Jones’!

- Michael Palin’s Diaries:1969-1979

April 3rd,1975, Monty Python and the Holy Grail premiers in London.